Saturday, May 15, 2010

*satu nafas untuk NUYUI*

Trik nfas....GO!!!!!

Wooo.....wooo.... i got your mscall kejp td..
Three times you know..
It makes me so crazy
So exited..noX!!
I cek2 kredt..mek!! byk..
Tekn2 trus call, dpt..
Hey u!! jom up date.nak??
Mak ai...pans tlinge mak ni haaaa...
Haha...trus gosp2 smp batery hp mati..
Aa...lri2 p cri hp lg stu..
Owh..ggup2 tgn tukr sim kad..
Hah! settle..
Call blik..
Huish...letop..smate2 keeeeennnn...
trik nfas dlm2 story mory trus mnerus
Hbis smua topik kua..
So exited talkg2 with u..
Act-ly, I mmg miss amt sma you..
You tau..I nak you tgk I per4m
pasl this is one part of your present..
I really hope that you know laa aann...
n then we all talkg2 lg..
Full stop. In the end. Settle sgale..
Gd bye, bye2..1437. End Call.


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